The Jamaican Association of Maryland (JAM) began in 1988 out of the need to bring Jamaicans within the metropolitan of Maryland and surrounding communities together as we seek to advance the social and economic welfare of people of Caribbean heritage.

The purposes for which the association is organized are exclusively charitable and educational within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Specifically:

  • To advance the social and economic welfare of Jamaicans by seeking ways and means to assist in promoting and maintaining educationally, economically, legislatively and socially the Jamaicans of Maryland and other communities.
  • To unite Jamaicans, their friends and supporters in membership and in support of JAM as a vehicle for communication and for cooperation among and between Jamaicans in the Maryland area and throughout the United States of America.
  • To maintain and promote the cultural heritage of Jamaicans living in Maryland.
  • To motivate Jamaicans in Maryland and elsewhere to take a keen interest and actively participate in matters pertaining to Jamaicans.
  • To serve as a vehicle through which members can collectively engage in projects and activities for the purpose of raising funds, collecting goods for charitable purposes and to liaise with other like-minded organizations.
  • To function, operate and be perceived as a caring organization positively impacting on our immediate community.

As we are challenged with the needs of the community in which we exist, it is JAM’s vision to continue to actively participate, support, and sponsor programs that enrich lives, educate youths, and provide cultural and civil awareness.